Debunking HCG Diet Drops Myths

Before you embark on an HCG diet plan, you should know what you are going to be in for. Relying simply on what your seller tells you may not provide you the full story about these diet drops. There are some myths that you should be able to debunk for you to gauge the safety of the hormone for yourself. Here are some of those myths.

It is an easy weight loss plan.

weight lossIf you hear about the ads that sell HCG diet drops, you may end up believing that they can easily help you lose weight. After all, just a drop of it would help you lose your appetite for food. Unfortunately, the HCG diet plan consists of several phases. The first phase is even all about preparing your body for the eventual near starvation that you will have to endure. During the core phase you have to survive with only 500 calories a day. The saying “no pain, no gain” really rings true here.

It is natural and has no side effects.

HCG is a hormone that is produced by the body, more specifically by a female pregnant body. So, it is natural. However, the hormone only naturally occurs in pregnancy. Pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters, is not a walk in the park, either. Pregnant women had to go through a lot of symptoms that would likely pop up when you take an HCG supplement.

It only takes a few drops and is, therefore, affordable.

HCG diet dropsHCG diet drops can be very expensive. Even if you do need only a drop for each meal, the bottle itself can cost a lot depending on the brand. If you scour the net for some examples, you would see that some of them are even offering discounts. The price can be high that some prospective buyers will only be tempted if it goes down a little.

The HCG is the miracle ingredient in the prescribed diet.

HCG diet drops can effectively cause weight loss in a short period of time. However, so does eating 500 calories a day, with or without the drops. The calories prescribed by the HCG diet is so ridiculously low that it shows it leaning towards the commonsensical but ultimately dangerous way of losing weight – through near starvation. You might want to eat your daily recommended calories together with your drops and see if any weight loss occurs.

There are clinical trials.

There are no clinical trials involved in the study of the hormone or supplement. With genuine medication, clinical trials must be performed and must produce successful results first before they are distributed. So, you will have to see for yourself if the hormone will work for you. At least investigate the possible side effects of the hormone on a non-pregnant body.

It is an approved drug.

HCG diet drops have not been officially approved as a drug or supplement. It does not have any proven effects on one’s nutrition. So, again, you are taking a bit of risk in your quest to lose weight. What you should know better about these diet drops is that some of those being sold in the market do not even contain the hormone itself. Instead, the supplement acts as a sort of placebo drug, making you believe that it is working when, in fact, you are losing weight from your little calorie intake daily.

There may be other myths about the diet drops out there that you can only debunk by conducting more research about the product. Compare different brands, the respective companies that are distributing them, and find out if the FDA has finally approved losing weight via HCG.